Bits ‘n’ pieces from other churches and other resources around the web. Please note that the views expressed in these articles and podcasts do not necessarily represent the views of Bloomfield Presbyterian Church. They are listed here to encourage you to read more widely and think more deeply about issues affecting Christian faith.

Thy Kingdom Come: How to pray at Pentecost in the face of terror
Britain has once again suffered the fury of a terrorist attack – the third in under three months, the second in only 10 days. Innocent people were slaughtered by conscienceless men in the name of a perverted ideology. They used a vehicle as a weapon, then pulled out knives and stabbed people.
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The surprising truth of what our party leaders believe about God
Many of the leaders of the parties running in the UK General Election hold religious beliefs. James Mildred sets out their positions.
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PODCAST: Tom Wright – The Day the Revolution Began
We thought it was about time we had a fresh look at the central symbol of our faith, the cross. So we hit the road, along with musician David Benjamin Blower, and headed off to Tom Wright’s house in Scotland. We asked Tom how through the cross Jesus’s revolution began, and why after 2000 year does it often look like the revolution is struggling to transform the world. 
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Inside God’s Observatory: Special
This edition comes from the heart of one of the most influential – and surprising – organisations in the history of astronomy. Maggie and Chris have been granted rare access to the Vatican and its little-known observatory, the Specola Vaticana, perched on a hilltop 30km outside Rome.
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