One of our members shared this earlier in the summer – a poignant reminder of the preciousness of our Congregational Prayer meetings:

The death has taken place of Mrs Hour of Prayer
And in the church where she belonged so few will miss her there;
Unknown to many members, she never saw their face
She never heard them supplicate the Throne of Heavenly Grace

But she was always present and often to them cried
To leave behind the lesser things and come with her aside
To enter in within the veil to worship and to pray
Yet many showed just no concern, and simply stayed away.

Born in a great Revival, and by the Spirit’s Power,
She grew in strength and numbers, each passing ‘Midweek Hour’,
She loved the prayers and praises, that did to God ascend,
And saw the tears that often flowed for ‘unconverted men’.

But ah, those precious moments, were soon to disappear
She seemed to be so careless, to the things she once held dear.
For worldliness somehow got in, ill-health was on its way
Her witness and her power had gone, and so she passed away.

Her funeral, it was private, no flowers at her request
The mourners, easily counted, dressed in their ‘Sunday best’
They stood beside her open grave, no signs of ‘outward grief’
The Rector’s words were very few, the service it was brief.

And so to mark her passing, as a token of respect,
The church has planned for each ‘Midweek’ a whist drive and a snack.
And as each anniversary comes, of Mrs Hour of Prayer
The members of the indoor bowls will hold a free cake fair.

Her death is but a warning to each sinner saved by Grace
For many are too busy and neglect the Sacred Place.
And often do they stay away from the ‘Midweek Hour of Prayer’ .
How grieved must be His Loving Heart as He sees their vacant chair.

by Leslie Armstrong.

Note that we continue to meet every 2 weeks on a Wednesday at 7.30pm for our Congregational Prayer Meeting either in person or by Zoom depending on COVID-19 restrictions and we would love for you to join us.