Dear friends,

At our recent training event for new elders, we were thinking about growing in grace and knowledge and love of God. Is it enough that in a complex and dark world we remain content with the ABC’s of the Christian life when God has given us the whole Bible as a lamp and a light?

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgements, and his paths beyond tracing out!”
– Romans 11 v33.

We thought about Scripture words such as

  • Redemption (Hebrews 9 v26-28, Revelation 5 v9)
  • Calling (Ephesians 1 v11, Romans 8v30)
  • Justification (Romans 3 v24)
  • Sanctification (2 Corinthians 7v1) and
  • Glorification (1st John 3 v2-3)

and considered different ways we can know the mind of God through His Word:-
Ideas such as

  • Through reading a devotional book at breakfast or evening meal on our own or with our family.
  • Through listening to preaching: the exposition of Old and New Testaments as they are unfolded each Sunday morning and evening.
  • Through personal Bible reading: using Bible notes or a Scripture reading plan.
  • Through Bible Study with a Contact Group or with one other person.
  • Through reading a book on the Bible (such as the Bible Speaks Today series from IVP)
  • Through listening to Christian podcasts while out walking.
  • Through preparing a talk or study to deliver to others.
  • Through attending a part time course (like PCI Handling the Word course, or on line through Bible College)

There are no ends of ways in which we can develop our minds and strengthen our hearts to discover the ‘deep truths of the faith’ (1 Timothy 3 v9) and the hidden riches of our Lord.
Please pray for our elders that they will keep growing in knowledge and love of the Saviour and for us all that this will be our pattern too.