An update from Keswick @ Portstewart:

Just over 2 years ago, an electrical short circuit was the likely spark for a blaze that ravaged the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. While the fire was still raging in the historic walls, French President Emmanuel Macron promised, “We will rebuild Notre-Dame.” Since then, architects, archaeologists, scientists, engineers and a host of other tradespeople have been carrying out the painstaking process of rebuilding the cathedral, one that will take years to complete. It was recently reported that French experts are current combing the country’s forests for up to 1,000 oak trees, aged between 150 and 200 years old to rebuild the famous spire. The trees must be straight, 50-90cm in diameter and between 8 and 14 metres tall. In other words, every effort is being made to rebuild the cathedral to exactly as it was before the fire.

The church across the world is entering into a massive rebuilding project following the Coronavirus pandemic – not the rebuilding of stonework, mortar, and timbers, but the rebuilding of our life and witness together. Unlike Notre-Dame however, few realistically believe that we can or even should attempt to rebuild our churches to precisely as they were before the pandemic. So what is the Lord Jesus, the head of the church, calling us to prioritise as we rebuild?

That’s what Ray Ortlund (President of Renewal Ministries) will be exploring with us at this year’s Keswick at Portstewart: Virtually. While we won’t be together in Portstewart this year, we look forward to having you join with us Online as we explore the important issue of ‘Rebuilding Healthy Churches.’

11-15 July