Dear friends,

Harvest Thanksgiving has been celebrated by believing people ever since Old Testament times. Then it was called ‘Shavuot’ or the ‘Feast of Weeks’. (Exodus 34:22)
We continue to express our appreciation to God for the harvest, who has graciously promised “As long as earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”. (Genesis 8:22)

This year we celebrate harvest, mindful of the particular environmental challenges facing our world, with global warming, extreme weather patterns, floods and forest fires being on the agenda of political leaders who will meet in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference 31st Oct-12th Nov.

It’s right that we should pray for the success of this forum with the aim of reducing green house emissions globally in an equitable way, bearing in mind that it is not ‘Mortal men who can save’ but the Lord ‘who reigns for ever.’ (Psalm 146)

So as we meet on Sunday 17th Oct at 11am for our All Age Harvest Family celebration, let’s do so with expectant, hopeful hearts in the Lord whom we trust.

Most Sincerely. Frank

PS You might enjoy this video conversation between The Moderator of the General Assembly Dr David Bruce and Olivia Elwood from our congregation.