As announced earlier in the year, one of the recipients of a grant from this year’s Parallel Project scheme was Kakuruk Development Association in northern Nigeria.

The Parallel project was a commitment to ‘tithe’ our hall redevelopment project at Bloomfield, with 10% of the project building costs being made available to help causes the congregation might not ordinarily be able to support to the same extent. In 2021/22, grants were made to seven different recipients, one of which was KDA’s project.

This local community organisation, with personal connections to BPC, were attempting to raise funds to complete a health centre and borehole, bringing these facilities to the Gashish area. Work had stalled with the roof still to be added to the new structure – so Bloomfield was able to make a financial grant to help finish the construction work.

Just this week, we have received these images showing the roof is now complete. Work has paused for the rainy season, with the goal of finishing the inside of the building once the harvest has been brought in.

It is so encouraging to have been able to have been able to help in a small way with this work. We praise God for this opportunity to help brothers and sisters in another part of the world in a practical way in their own ministry.