Presbyterian Women (PW) is a place where women of all ages can meet and learn more about how they can use their talents to serve God. The organisation is represented in every church in the denomination and is a real powerhouse of prayer and support for the outreach work the church is involved in both at home and abroad. Presbyterian Women meets once a month on a Thursday, starting at 7.30pm.

Claire Sellar

Jean Brown

Angela Young

Programme for 2017/18
Theme: Growing and bearing fruit

Thursday 5th October 2017  Growing and bearing fruit Dr. Patricia Morton (Retired Cardiologist)
Thursday 2nd November 2017 Growing and bearing fruit / Moderatorial year Claire Sellar
Thursday 7th December 2017 Growing and bearing fruit / Using your talents / Christmas demonstration Mrs France Gribben (Gardener and Florist)
Thursday 4th January 2018  Growing and bearing fruit Many Lee, Karen Hamilton and Lisa Skinner
Thursday 1st February 2018 Growing and bearing fruit pastorally Doreen Draffin (PCI Deaconess in NI Hospice)
Thursday 1st March 2018 Growing and bearing fruit overseas Simone Pester (OM Nepal)
Thursday 12th April 2018 Growing and bearing fruit with international citizens Heather Giles (WEC) (AGM)