What is the Parallel Project?

A fund to run alongside the Building Fund, dedicated to outside mission causes, to be allocated an amount equal to 10% of that raised for the Building Fund.

What is the Connected Church Project?

A Tearfund project designed to link British churches with churches overseas.

Where is Rwanda, and why partner there?

Rwanda is a small country in Africa bordering Uganda, Tanzania, and Congo. Tearfund suggested it to us as its history of community division has some similarities with our own.

How much do we give through this project?

£20,000 per year for 3 years

Who supervises the scheme from our end?

The Session Mission Team is responsible for mission support outside BPC.

Who gets the money?

8 churches in or near Kigali, of which Gilgal is the largest and 2 are Presbyterian.

What does the money go to?

Projects suggested by the partner churches and approved by Tearfund, for example, growing vegetables, cottage industries like sewing and clothes making, basket weaving (the use of plastic bags is illegal in Rwanda!), assistance to street vendors, support for widows, AIDS sufferes and vulnerable children groups.

Is there any spiritual or evangelistic emphasis?

Africans tend not to distinguish the practical from the spiritual. The work is done through small groups that include prayer and Bible Study in their meetings, they welcome outsiders and some find faith through them.

What happens at the end of the 3 years?

The SMT will seek suggestions from the congregation and make recommendations to Session.

Where can I find out more?

The BPC Rwanda Partnership has it’s own website which can be found here: https://bpcrwanda.weebly.com