Dear Church Partners,

Firstly a huge thank you for your continued support of Storehouse. As the ministry has grown and indeed continues to grow more and more I am convinced that this is not about our little church but about “the church” coming to together to love and care for the most vulnerable in our communities. It is a constant source of encouragement to me to see the contributions roll in from all our partner churches on a weekly or monthly basis. We are long past the stage that we on our own or even a couple of churches together could sustain the ministry. This truly is about us all pulling together to see the Kingdom come in our city and we would love to see many many more churches come and play their part. More than ever I believe that we are making a difference and we are seeing lives transformed and we are helping the hopeless find hope and through it all we are introducing countless people to the unconditional love of our Father.

In terms of the numbers (for the stats people out there) we are regularly providing for around 45 families ever week which works out at around 155 individuals per week or nearly 3500 so far this year alone. We are constantly adding new charities and agencies to our partner list which now stands at over 50. I am meeting just this week with the Red Cross and with a new social worker with the SE Trust.

All that to say that the food that you provide is absolutely invaluable. We run down to the limits every single week and yet so far we have not had to say no. God has always provided and I class your email address on this list as an answer to prayer. So again my deepest thanks.

I am aware that communication has been poor in the last few months and for that please accept my apologies. We have been trying out some different mediums and have found a lot of mileage on Facebook.

We have an online shopping list where people then go and fill in what they are pledging to bring and they can see how much is needed in total and how much has been pledged already.

Again thank you so much for your continued support


Alan Carson
Associate Pastor
Belfast City Vineyard

Uel Hagen 077 0321 0359
David Pearson 077 7630 3336
Rhonda McDonald 079 7285 2444