Dear Friends,

In his recent book, Tim Keller describes death is the Great Interruption, the Great Schism, the Great Insult, the Great Enemy, hideous and frightening, cruel and frightening. While modern medicine can postpone death for a little while, it can’t eradicate it.
Death always wins.

No wonder then Psalm 90:12 calls its readers to “number our days” that we may “gain a heart for wisdom.” It is the one absolute inevitability and so we need to plan for it and live in the light of it.

How amazing then that Hebrews 2:14 reminds us that The Lord Jesus Christ has destroyed death because by his death on our behalf, taking the penalty for our sin, he has guaranteed the future resurrection for all who unite with him by faith.

Christ doesn’t leave us to face death on our own holding up our life record and hoping it will be enough. Jesus our captain and champion has killed death. The Christian faces death ‘in him’ and with his perfect record. (Philippians 3:9)

Only a few weeks ago, Tim Keller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The inevitability of his own death draws ever closer.

This is what he writes:-

“I am so grateful for all of the expressions of concern and promises of prayer since my diagnosis of cancer has become public. As I begin chemotherapy treatment my prayer is that the treatment be effective and the side effects be such that I can still read and write and work.

Kathy and I are praying along with these words from John Newton:

“[May we] be ambitious to experience what the glorious Gospel is capable of effecting, both as to sanctification and consolation in this state of infirmity; that we may have our loins girded up, our lamps burning, and by our simplicity and spirituality constrain those who know us to acknowledge that we have been with Jesus, have sat at his feet, and drunk His Spirit.”

Jesus ultimately wins!

Yours most sincerely, Frank