Christian people give because they have first received so much from the Lord

“God so loved the world… he gave… his only Son.”

It’s natural then for believers to want to say ‘thank you’ out of the resources we have been entrusted with in return.

Jesus told his disciples “Freely you have received, freely give”.

In the Old Testament God’s people gave a tenth (a tithe) of their income to the Lord’s work in the Temple. Since New Testament days, believers are liberated from such legalism. We are free to give far more than a mere tenth if we wish!

In Bloomfield 22% of our Free Will Offerings (FWO) is automatically allocated to overseas mission. This supports missionary personnel abroad and a myriad of projects in various parts of the world such as in Rwanda, Moldova and Portugal. We also support members working in Ireland with Scripture Union NI and Christians in Sport. We also give additional funds to special appeals such as to Moderator’s appeals and other fundraising activities.

The remaining contributions from our Free Will Offerings (FWO) pay for salaries of pastoral and caretaking staff, who minister to the youth, elderly and members, of the congregation and community: to the upkeep of our buildings and to various Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) projects in Ireland and abroad, hospital, military, prison and university chaplaincy, nursing homes and training for ministry.

Members of Bloomfield have always been hugely generous in their giving and to other causes such as our building project and special appeals for emergency aid through World Development or Tear Fund. Christian people know that the resources we have been given is not really ‘ours’. It has only been lent to us. It all belongs to God anyway, so we aim to use it wisely and generously for Kingdom and eternal purposes.

Some members have kindly asked how they might continue to give to the Free Will Offering and/or Building Fund. This concern is deeply appreciated.

  • FWO envelopes can be filled weekly as normal and donated when restrictions are lifted.
  • If willing, people may chose to contribute to FWO by standing order or via e-banking either monthly or weekly.
  • Building Fund donations can also be made this way, but please state these are for the building fund by adding the letters BF to your payment reference.

The Church bank details are

    • Sort Code: 98-00-30
    • Account Number: 04290075
    • Reference:
      • For FWO please use: FWO Number e.g. 999
      • For Building Fund please use: FWO Number BF e.g. 999 BF

Thank you.