The BPC AV team is responsible for:

  • Editing and preparing any video resources for Sunday Services
  • Preparing the easyWorship Schedule for Sunday Services, including all the hymns, images, videos etc.
  • Ensuring the smooth transition of visual content during services
  • Ensuring all microphones, instruments and any other inputs can be heard clearly in the sanctuary, via the Induction Loop, on the recordings and via Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming and editing the subsequent video recording on YouTube
  • Taking audio recordings of Services including CD recordings and the digital recording sent to the Online Team

The AV team is led by B. McNarry and is composed of three sub-teams:

  • Preparation – M. Stevenson, M. Nelson, T. Wilson
  • Visuals – M. Stevenson, M. Stoneman, J. Holmes and others
  • Sound – A. Shott, J. Gordon, T. Wilson, D. Bell, S. Bush, M. Gilmour, J. Holmes

Sound Team Rota