1st October 2020

Dear friends,

Covid 19 is forcing us to change our thinking in a whole variety of ways:-
how we work, who we visit, when we shop, where we eat out.

Adjustments can be difficult, but they are not always bad!

Likewise the virus is also causing us to have to do church differently and again while we don’t much like it, not all of that is bad either!

Part of that change means each of us must take increased responsibility for our own spiritual growth and that of our family.
No longer can we rely on someone else to bottle feed us or our children.

It is up to us to provide resources to enable us to develop and mature.

Fortunately these days there are a huge variety of excellent Christian books which we can easily access and enjoy. Lots of volumes to read ourselves and then share with others and plenty of other material which we can give to those who are not yet believers.

Let me introduce you to some currently available which are familiar to myself:-
Dane Ortlund’s book ‘Gentle and Lowly.’ This came so highly recommended, the staff are currently reading this together for our mutual encouragement.
Anything by Tim Keller has to be good. Claire and I can thoroughly recommend ‘My Rock, my Refuge’ on the Psalms, which is a great devotional to read with your spouse along with a book for married couples ‘A seal upon your heart’.
‘Reading between the Lines’ by Glen Scrivener is quite simply the best! In a great, pithy style, Glen takes you through both Old and New Testament books introducing you to brilliant insights helpful for each day.
Derek Prime is a well known, well loved senior pastor and he has written a book called ‘A good Old Age’ stimulating for every older believer, while there are a whole variety of books and cd’s suitable for workers, young mums, teens, children and infants.

I don’t normally advertise commercial sites, but have a great selection of books at sale prices which are too good not to commend widely.

Browse, select, enjoy and share for your own spiritual benefit and that of many others!

Most sincerely, Frank

From: “Jonathan Carswell” <>
Subject: Need some encouragement, or know someone who does? We have a great selection of books to help!
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