The following statement was issued today by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Please pray for this situation – remembering our legislators, in Westminster and in Belfast, and praying that provision might be made both to protect the life of the unborn and to provide support and care for women facing crisis pregnancies.

The original statement can be found on the PCI website here.

PCI Statement
19 March 2021

‘Grave concern’ at NIO proposals

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland has expressed its ‘grave concern’ at proposals to allow the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to give direction to Northern Ireland’s Department of Health, over the head of the Northern Ireland Executive.

In a statement it said, “The Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s General Council Standing Committee, meeting today (19 March), noted with grave concern the proposal of the Secretary for State for Northern Ireland to seek powers to give direction to Northern Ireland’s Department of Health.

“To do so at a time when the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive is functioning, represents a serious undermining of the devolved settlement, when there is already significant tension regarding other aspects of the way Northern Ireland is being affected post Brexit.

“The Presbyterian Church in Ireland objected strongly to the Westminster government previously imposing laws on Northern Ireland that removed the protection of the lives of unborn children. This damaging step was taken over the heads of our elected Assembly, with the excuse given that the devolved institutions were not functioning at that time. No such excuse for the undermining of devolution can be used at this time.

The statement concluded by saying, “The Presbyterian Church calls upon the Secretary of State not to take the step he proposes and to let the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly seek to find a consensus way forward, in line with the principle upon which devolution is founded.”