Dear friends,
At Christmas time we read Genesis 3 v15. Words of The Lord God to the serpent Satan.

“I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers:
He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

At Easter time we see how painful that striking turned out to be to the woman’s seed.
The cross was shockingly deadly to The Lord Jesus; but death did not have the final say. Raised from the grave, the offspring of the woman dealt an even greater blow to Satan’s kingdom, and though we must wait until Christ’s return to see its full effects, the snake’s head has been well and truly crushed.

Listen to this incredible story retold in poetic form by our very own talented wordsmith Eddie Spence.

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The War on the Word
Genesis 3 vv. 1 & 15

All Temple words and death decaying
Quake and quiver as you hide
From Eden’s Garden shame’s salivating
The gloom of hell not satisfied

The jaws of death and Satan’s scheming
Catch the wind that blows the dross
The dregs of scum on surface skimming
The hope he has is all is lost

That’s the touchstone of his tempting
That’s his strategy of sin
To nullify the Word that’s living
To isolate his word from Him

The serpent’s tongue and Satan’s cunning
The stealth of embryonic sin
Distort the word with demon’s doctrine
Infusing doubt to follow him

But souls of men are not for stealing
The power of God has set aside
A Saviour who is Word now living
Shall bridge the gap of sin’s divide

The Living Word in flesh resounding
Triumphed over the sin and death
To vanquish all of Satan’s doings
T’was finished with his final breath

And even more the Word is risen
High triumphant call of God
On Satan’s transient temple dribblings
The heel of the risen Lord.

Praise God!
Most sincerely,