Dear Friends,Brave by Faith - Alistair Begg | The Good Book Company

Last Sunday one of our elders kindly gave me a copy of Alistair Begg’s latest book called ‘Brave’ by Faith. God–sized confidence in a Post-Christian world.  It is fabulous. 

“A book for our times from one of today’s stand-out gospel communicators”(says Sinclair Ferguson) I agree!

What does it look like to live with joy in a society that does not like what Christians believe, say or do? It’s tempting to grow angry, keep our heads down, retreat or just give up altogether.

But this isn’t the first time that God’s people have had to learn how to live in a pagan world that opposes God’s rule. In this hard hitting yet really positive book,  Alistair examines the first seven chapters of the book of Daniel to show how we may live bravely, confidently and obediently in an increasingly secular society.

The message of Daniel is incredibly relevant for us in our generation. Not because it maps out a strategy for how to deal with our new lack of status … or because Daniel is a hero and we need to follow his example. No. The reason is, that it will help us to believe in Daniel’s God. 

Readers will see that God is powerful and God is sovereign, and even in the face of circumstances that appear to be prevailing against his people, we may trust him entirely.

This is a book I would love everyone in Bloomfield to read.

 It’s easily available on line or from any Christian bookshops and would be a perfect book to read and discuss with spouses or as part of a micro group, but in order to make it easily and cheaply available I have placed a large quantity in the church foyer for you to help yourself to a copy this Sunday morning or evening and simply leave £6.00 to cover costs. (RRP £7.99).

I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Now is a time for us as God’s people and as a church family to learn how to be brave by faith.