Dear friends,

Among the news items this week there was a hugely moving story of a dad who lost his life while rescuing his two young daughters from being swept out to sea at a beach north of Lisbon in Portugal. This is love in action. Strong, tender, self giving, loving kindness.

I’m certain those girls will never ever forget the one who gave up his life so that they would be saved.

‘Chesed’ is the word in Hebrew which describes extravagant, sacrificial compassion.
Sometimes it is used about human actions towards others.
Most often it is applied to God… “The Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in stedfast (Chesed) love and faithfulness” Exodus 34 v6.

This is the love that rescued the Israelites from certain drowning in the Red Sea.
This is the love that enabled the Hebrews to overcome the overwhelming enemy and win the Battle of Jericho.
This is the love that lifted us from inevitable eternal loss when Jesus gave himself completely and fully for our salvation.
In the words of a beautiful new song ‘Loving Kindness’
“A Life laid down to rescue us, with arms outstretched upon that cross”.

It’s worth taking a moment simply to stop and think about God’s incredible
‘Compassionate’. ‘Gracious’. ‘Slow to anger’. ‘Abounding in Loving Kindness’ and ‘Faithfulness’ toward us. To reflect on these words and what they represent.

Someone said recently that when they took Communion for the first time since Lockdown, their eyes welled up with tears. Moved by God’s overwhelming self-giving loving kindness and motivated to extend that tenderness to other people they were emotionally overcome.
On Sunday 20th June 11am and 7pm lets prepare our hearts to be nurtured and fed as all who acknowledge the need of a Saviour come to the Lord’s Table and respond to His strong, tender, self giving lovingkindness.

Most Sincerely.