Dear friends,

Great news! 

Over the next few Sunday mornings at 11am we have further opportunity to return to some kind of pre Covid 19 ‘normality’ at church in a variety of different ways.

This Sunday 6th we look forward to the celebration of the sacrament of baptism as Jonathan and Janessa Thompson bring their daughter Amelia to receive the sign and seal of the Covenant of Grace, pointing to the washing and cleansing which is granted through the Lord Jesus.

On Sunday 13th we anticipate our Kidzone service for the whole church family and

On Sunday 20th we eagerly expect to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, when after the Live Streaming part of the service has concluded we partake of the elements of bread and wine using specially designed capsules, pointing to the sacrifice and nurturing which is found in Christ.

Please book a place for you and your family unit. It’s easily done at

Each of those Sundays, and right through the summer, we also hold evening services at 7pm when with live music and fellowship it is not necessary to prebook but together enjoy good praise and scripture teaching.

To those who haven’t yet come back to church in person. I’m encouraging you to do so.

“But”, some say, “I can worship as easily at home”!

Maybe. Maybe not. Here’s a test.

When you tune in to a service on Livestream do you close your eyes during the prayers?

Do you, or your family get up and wonder in and out of the room?

Do you flick channels in between bits you don’t much care for?

 If so, that’s hardly worship. It is a form of entertainment.

Now for some who simply can’t get out to church or for others at work or caring for vulnerable people at home Livestreaming has been a lifeline and that is good, but worship is not simply about what’s convenient for me.

 It’s about giving honour, glory and respect to the Lord and it’s about meeting with other believers face to face. As Psalm 62 urges us: “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone: He alone is our rock and our salvation”.

Livestreaming has been good during lockdown. We have been really grateful for God’s provision in this way, but it’s not a permanent alternative to face to face corporate worship.

So, if you haven’t already done so and you are able, may I urge you to return to a service of worship in person along with your family and experience the joy of renewed fellowship with God and with one another. It will be great to see you.

Most Sincerely, Frank