Dear friends,

The summer time is supposed to be an opportunity for much needed respite and rest, but I’m acutely aware that for many in church, July has been anything but:- a stressful month, with difficult trials and challenges neither expected nor anticipated. Some are just emotionally and physically exhausted.

How good then to have faith in the Living God who cares, who knows and who understands.

How good to have the privilege of being able to worship and be sustained through praise and the preaching of the scriptures.

How good to have one another.

A song which has encouraged me these past number of days is this new song called ‘Steadfast Love’ by the Christian artists Shane and Shane.

Out of their personal experience of suffering and loss they look away from themselves to the Lord Jesus who knows what stress, pain, bereavement exhaustion and loss is like and who remains utterly faithful to his people.

As you read its lyrics and hear its melody I hope it will be a blessing to you too.

Most Sincerely from Frank

When fear’s so overwhelming
I can feel it in my skin
And the bitterness of losing faith
Like poison on my lips
When life feels like a never-ending
weight upon my soul
Oh, I need You, oh Lord

Your steadfast love never ceases
Your goodness,
calling me to rest
Your mercy just when I need it
How great is Your faithfulness
The weight of every sin
Is closing in on human bones
As the Son of God was dreaming about
What tomorrow holds
The night so overwhelming
Blood and water start to flow
Not my will, oh, but Yours

I’ll sing the song
Of the wounded One
Not my will,
Father, Yours be done
In Your mercy
You have wounded me
And by Your wounds,
Jesus, I am healed

Your steadfast love never ceases
Your goodness, God
calling me to rest
Your mercy just when I need it
How great is Your faithfulness.