11.15am – 1.00pm

Like Sunday School on rocket fuel (without too much emphasis on the “school” part!), KidZone is a creative, Biblical, learning experience for children between the ages of three and eleven.

Many of the staples of traditional Sunday School are here – the memory verse, Bible stories and kids’ choruses – but they’ve been given a modern twist to encourage more interaction and engagement with the children. There’s lots of drama, games, craft and fun, all underpinned by a Biblical message.

The kids generally spend the first twenty minutes with the rest of the church family during the 11.00am service. They then leave for KidZone, either returning at the end of the service (approx. 12.15pm) if Lifebuilders is not running, or are collected from the back halls at 1.00pm is Lifebuilders in running.

Whether your kids attend every week or are visiting Bloomfield, we would love to have them join the fun at KidZone!