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We are a family-focused, evangelical Christian fellowship in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose worship is biblical and contemporary. We have a strong emphasis on using the gifts of our members and expressing God’s love both within the church family and in the wider community.

Feel free to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re free on Sunday, why not drop in to one of our worship services? Dress code is casual and you’re assured of a warm welcome!


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028 9047 1103

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Looking for something in particular? Use the tool below to search the website.

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Last sermon upload: 14 June

This Sunday

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Notices & Events

  • Tues 23 June / Hillsborough Castle.
  • Wed 22 July / Antrim Castle & Clotworthy House
  • Tue 11 August / Ulster-American Folk Park
  • Thur 27 August / Day trip to Dublin
Sign-up sheets and info at Welcome Desk.

Further details contact: Elizabeth Lewis
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The 2014 edition of the BPC Yearbook is now available for download. This version of the yearbook contains only the year-end reports. For a full electronic version of the yearbook, including directory of addresses and financial information, please email us directly.
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BPC Holiday Bible Club

  • 17-21 August from 6.45pm to 8.15pm
  • Bloomfield Presbyterian Church halls
  • All primary school age children
  • Pre-registration will take place at the church on Thursday 14th August 6–8pm.
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News & Views*

The other side …
Dawn McAvoy, researcher Northern Ireland, continues our series on abortion. Article here.
The Gospel According to Pixar
For many of us, Pixar movies represent a cornerstone of our childhoods. The studio has delivered masterpieces of animated entertainment for over 20 years now.
Read article
Women’s Day Conference
Theme: ‘Holding on to Hope’ Speaker: Nancy Guthrie. Saturday 17th October, Cost £17 (Students £12). We have pre-bought 20 tickets – this event is always sold out so speak to Claire Sellar or Jill Simpson for more info or to buy a ticket.
Love Is Always Stronger than Hate
The son of one of the victims of the Charleston church shooting yesterday had some powerful words to say just a day after racist gunman Dylann Roof took the life of his mother and eight others. Read article here.
And now let's move into a time of clichés
I'm not religious but let's just begin a season of journeying together through a time of intentional fellowship in a non-cringey, seeker-friendly, missional setting. Read article here.
This is the church in Iraq and Syria
In Iraq and Syria, there is death and destruction. But there is also hope and love. Watch video here.
A God who wants me
If Billboard ranked church songs, “Jesus Loves Me” would probably be #1 on the preschool chart. Read article here.
No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason
We don't have to figure out the purpose for our pain, but we do follow a God who meets us in it. Read article here.
How to Talk About God Without Making It Weird
What Paul in Athens teaches us about having productive, respectful conversations about faith. Read article here.
How to Talk About Science and Faith
Or perhaps, and more important, how not to talk about science and faith. Read article here.
The Proverbs 31 Man
It’s not often we hear Proverbs 31 in the light of manhood, but there’s relevance for men who have ears to hear. Article available here.
On getting nude and being rude
I wonder how Eleanor Hawkins is feeling today. Glad to be home I imagine, and still rather embarrassed about the publicity that her bare bottom received after getting arrested in Malaysia for going au naturel at a sacred spot where the spirits of the local ancestors are believed to reside. Read article here.
A father’s story of loss and new life in Syria
Just a few years back, Abu was living peacefully with his wife and three children. They had a good house in Homs, Syria, and everything they needed. Then came the war that would change things forever. Read article here.

* Views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those held by BPC or its members.