We are a family-focused, evangelical Christian fellowship in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose worship is biblical and contemporary. We have a strong emphasis on using the gifts of our members and expressing God’s love both within the church family and in the wider community.

Feel free to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re free on Sunday, why not drop in to one of our worship services? Dress code is casual and you’re assured of a warm welcome!

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Updated: 26 August 2014

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This Sunday @ BPC

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Notices & Events

Card making class. Every Tuesday 7.30–9.30pm. Cost £5 (for materials). In the back halls. Everyone welcome.

Contact Rosemary Cowan for more details.
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In: Cross Section, 6-8 Finvoy Street

On: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, starting 16th September 2014

From: 3.30 – 5.00pm

Contact 028 9059 5858 for more details
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BPC Home groups start back 8pm Wednesday 17th September. For more details, please see our Home Groups page.

If you would like to join a home group, please contact
Alastair Giffen.
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MIB Film Night. Strand Cinema 7pm Monday 22nd September.
Title: The Railway Man. Cert 15. Admission Free. Bring a friend.

Look forward to seeing you there.
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Covered shoe boxes are available to buy for 50p each at the welcome desk. Please
leave shoe boxes in the Howard Lewis room by Sunday 26th October. For
further information, please contact
Vivienne Spence or Elizabeth Lewis
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Scottish Independence
BBC Radio Ulster
Thought for the day
Frank Sellar
16th Sept 2014
Read the article on the
BPC blog page.
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News & Views*


When Authenticity Is Overrated
"I’m just going to follow my heart.” “I need to be true to myself.” “I can’t help the way I feel.” You’ve probably heard or said these phrases used to defend the idea of living “authentically.”
Read article
Scottish independence
An Irishman and two Scotsmen arrived at the railway station a bit worse for wear, just as the train was about to leave. A helpful porter managed to get the two Scotsmen on board just in the nick of time. Read blog post here.
Do We Really Want to Be Transformed?
The Internet is a wonderful, fascinating, and disturbing place — a petri dish of The Fall characterized by opinion as truth. Read article here.
Give Us New Eyes
It’s been said that our politics are often shaped by what we see out the window. Read article here.
Dear Timothy: Find your contentment in Christ
Several years ago, Founders Ministries published Dear Timothy, an excellent multi-author work. The book was written as a series of letters from the veteran pastor, Paul, to the young upstart pastor, Timothy. In the spirit of that publication, I offer the following letter as an addendum in two parts. Read article here.
Matt Maher - Lord, I Need You
Lord, I Need You is the first single on Matt Maher's new album, 'All The People Said Amen'. Listen here.
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028 9047 1103

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7 Truths About Marriage You Won’t Hear in Church
The Church provides a good foundation for marriage, but here are a few of the things you might not always hear. Read article here.
PW September Conference
Date: 13/09/2014 10:30 AM
Location: Assembly Buildings, Belfast
Full details
Three things the Church can learn from the iPhone 6 launch
In a packed auditorium in California a congregation is forming. It is a sacred space. People wait in anticipation for the latest revelation from their leader. Many have travelled long distances and famous faces line the congregation as well as the stage. Today's sermon is delivered, without notes, with energy and enthusiasm. The congregation is in a responsive mood full of whoops and cheers, was that a "Hallelujah" I heard? Read more here.
Why we need another sexual revolution
What does your sex life say about God? Read more here.
TGC 2014 Women's Conference
A wealth of conference media, including videos, from the TGC 2014 Women's Conference, Click here.
How the church portrays the beauty of Christ
10 quotes from the book 'Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ', by Ray Ortlund. Read more here.

* Views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those held by BPC or its members.