We are a family-focused, evangelical Christian fellowship in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose worship is biblical and contemporary. We have a strong emphasis on using the gifts of our members and expressing God’s love both within the church family and in the wider community.

Feel free to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re free on Sunday, why not drop in to one of our worship services? Dress code is casual and you’re assured of a warm welcome!

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Updated: 9 November 2014

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Notices & Events

If you are considering baptism, the next service is scheduled for Sunday morning 8th February.
Contact Frank Sellar for details (
Email, T: 028 9065 3322)
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Martin Smith (Delirious) and his band are coming to Belfast for part two of the "God’s Great Club” tour.
Date: Friday 27 February
Venue: Empire Music Hall
Promo video
Tickets on sale
here from 9am Friday 19 December.
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The next opportunity to ask questions about the Christian faith in a relaxed format will be on Thursday 15th Jan at 6.30 -7.30pm. The course lasts for 5 weeks and is for people of all ages and stages.
Contact Frank Sellar for details (
Email, T: 028 9065 3322)
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News & Views*


How December 25 Became Christmas
On December 25, Christians around the world will gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Joyful carols, special liturgies, brightly wrapped gifts, festive foods—these all characterize the feast today, at least in the northern hemisphere. But just how did the Christmas festival originate? Read article here.
Six things I have learned about God's perfect timing
Today is the day. We FINALLY hold the keys to the building our church has been trying to buy for the last three and a half years. What an incredible feeling it is to have reached completion day. Read article here.
Is there life on Mars? Not if you're a US evangelical
Evangelical Protestants in the US think it's more likely that Jesus will return in the next 40 years than that humans will make significant strides in space exploration. Read article here.
No m'Lord: Why doesn't Downton do God?
Downton Abbey is now regularly enjoyed by more than 120 million viewers around the world. But why is a show set in the God-fearing 1920s so reluctant to mention faith? Read article here.
Christmas scandals
Festive cards usually depict a serene tableau set in a stable complete with shepherds, wise men and baby Jesus with a halo. But the first Christmas was anything but respectable. David Instone-Brewer reveals the unconventional nativity characters that would have made even a tabloid journalist blush. Read review here.
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‘Who Are you sleeping with?’
So, I was talking to Tim Keller this week when the topic of sex came up…no, wait, that’s not right. Read article here.
Father Richard Rohr "Falling Upward"
Contemporary theologian and best selling author Richard Rohr speaks from the content of his book, "Falling Upward". Read article here. Book available here.
C.S. Lewis' controversial beliefs
Few figures loom larger over the past century of Christianity than C.S. Lewis, whose rare and beautiful coupling of an indomitable mind and a sparkling imagination make for some of the most gripping writing on Christian thought a person could hope to read. Read article here.
Where’s your happiness?
Okay, full disclosure. I had an ugly cry watching VeggieTales. One particular scene in one particular tale—the Christmas classic about Saint Nicholas. Little Nic jumps on a boat to explore the world and find life and meaning after his generous, Jesus-loving parents tragically pass away. Read more here.
Watch as Joseph struggles to understand why God would choose him to be Christ’s earthly father. Watch here.
Hark, the herald angels sing
Chris Tomlin version – listen here.
Paul Baloche version – listen

* Views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those held by BPC or its members.