We are a family-focused, evangelical Christian fellowship in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose worship is biblical and contemporary. We have a strong emphasis on using the gifts of our members and expressing God’s love both within the church family and in the wider community.

Feel free to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re free on Sunday, why not drop in to one of our worship services? Dress code is casual and you’re assured of a warm welcome!

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Updated: 26 August 2014

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This Sunday @ BPC

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Notices & Events

Jesus told his disciples that whoever wanted to follow Him would have to take up their cross. For some Christians, being on the frontline means persecution, imprisonment ... or torture. Even in the privileged West, living for Christ means standing strong in a hostile environment. Whatever our role inside or outside church, we are all on the frontline.

here to download information flyer.
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The latest edition of the BPC magazine is now available for download here. Hard copy versions will be distributed soon.
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7.30pm prayer evenings during September

Wed 27 Aug: led by Mihai Malancea (Chisnau, Moldova).

Everyone welcome.
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After the summer break, things are beginning to kick off once again at BPC. With so much going on, there's something for everyone! Check out the links and start dates right to find out more.
Parents & toddlers Wed 10 Sept
Ladies bowling Thu 11 Sept
Mens bowling Thu 11 Sept
Presbyterian women Thu 11 Sept
K4C Youth Club Fri 12 Sept
Saturday Merge Sat 13 Sept
Card making class Tue 9 Sept
CHARIS Sat 6 Sept
Dads & toddlers Sat 13 Sept
Walking group Sat 27 Sept
Badminton club Fri 12 Sept
Anchor Boys BB Mon 8 Sept
Junior Section BB Mon 8 Sept
Company Section BB Mon 8 Sept
Rainbows Tue 9 Sept
Brownies Tue 9 Sept
Girl Guides Tue 9 Sept

News & Views*


Disconnect in order to connect
Lucy Mills explores how, in this fast-paced technological age, we can still engage in the spiritual disciplines – and why we need to. Read article here.
Theology test your worship songs
What happens when you put the lyrics of some of our best-known worship songs under the theological microscope? Read article here.
How I Kissed Evangelizing Goodbye
I went to the mecca of evangelicalism for college — beautiful campus in the suburbs of Chicago, where I received a scholarship from none other than the Pope of Evangelicalism, Billy Graham, for my work in street evangelism. Read article here.
Is There a Nonviolent Response to ISIS?
Alarm and outrage has been growing over the mounting humanitarian crisis in Iraq at the hands of the Islamic State (IS) also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Syria and the Levant) or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Read article here.
Should We Stop Singing Vicky Beeching Songs?
In recent days, singer/songwriter Vicky Beeching announced that she is a lesbian, and that she disagrees with the historic Christian sexual ethic. Prior to this, Beeching wrote many songs used as praise choruses in evangelical churches. Some are asking if they should continue to sing her songs in corporate worship. Read article here.
What the Facebook? / Michael Hardin
Michael Hardin's sequel to 'The Jesus Driven Life' delves deeply into problems of God’s image and the Church’s image that plague Protestant Christianity. He offers challenging and incisive critiques, and charts exciting ways that Protestants, and other Christians, can learn to follow Jesus in the 21st century. Buy here.
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10 challenges facing us in the next decade
The future is coming faster than ever, with the tectonic plates of society, church, culture, technology, economy and environment shifting beneath us. If you want to keep up with any of it, and get new footing, you have to be fast. Read article here.
PW September Conference
Date: 13/09/2014 10:30 AM
Location: Assembly Buildings, Belfast
Full details
We need grace over doctrinal unity
As mud-slinging between liberal and conservative Christians over same-sex marriage, women leaders and so on and so on continues, it's timely and pertinent that internationally renowned author Philip Yancey is revisiting the theme of grace - in particular, how can we extend it to one another in the face of theological difference. Read more here.
Complaining Is a Spiritual Problem
I really don’t like cleaning the dishes. I’d rather fold laundry, change a diaper, vacuum—anything. I will gladly do a lot of things before I have to do the dishes. And we even have a dishwasher. Read more here.
TGC 2014 Women's Conference
A wealth of conference media, including videos, from the TGC 2014 Women's Conference, Click here.
How the church portrays the beauty of Christ
10 quotes from the book 'Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ', by Ray Ortlund. Read more here.

* Views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those held by BPC or its members.