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We are a family-focused, evangelical Christian fellowship in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose worship is biblical and contemporary. We have a strong emphasis on using the gifts of our members and expressing God’s love both within the church family and in the wider community.

Feel free to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re free on Sunday, why not drop in to one of our worship services? Dress code is casual and you’re assured of a warm welcome!


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028 9047 1103

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Last sermon upload: 6 Sept

This Sunday @ BPC

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Notices & Events

Download event flyer here.

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Men In Bloomfield
Currry & Craic
"Meet The Prodigal"
Megaw Hall
7.30pm Fri 9 Oct
Contact Stephen
028 90508420
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The Church in the Public Square

Economic Hope: a biblical roadmap for a just society

Download flyer
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The Presbyterian Church in Ireland in partnership with Union Theological College, Belfast, offers a Certificate in Children’s Ministry. This course is tailor-made to meet the needs of children’s ministry leaders. Download brochure and application form here.
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PCI Child Protection Foundation Training for those who have never attended ‘Taking Care ‘training.

Assembly Buildings
Belfast 21 October
10.30am – 12.30pm
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Eddie Spence and band will be performing a special Christmas concert in Strand Presbyterian Church on Saturday 12th December. Tickets £10. All profits to Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice. Full details here.
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News & Views*

Re-imagining the sexual revolution
An apologetics training day with Prof Glynn Harrison. Download flyer here.
Bear Grylls: My Christian faith is my backbone
TV adventurer and chief scout Bear Grylls has described how he starts every day by kneeling in prayer. He said he "desperately" needs his Christian faith and that he has "no problem" with gay marriage. He is ambivalent about organised religion, however. Read article here.
Women’s Day Conference
Theme: ‘Holding on to Hope’ Speaker: Nancy Guthrie. Saturday 17th October, Cost £17 (Students £12). We have pre-bought 20 tickets – this event is always sold out so speak to Claire Sellar or Jill Simpson for more info or to buy a ticket.
Britain has helped refugees before and must help again
As David Cameron announces plans to accept more refugees, Dan Bowring explains why Britain has a duty of hospitality. Read article here.
Get a Basic Overview of the Bible
Virtually every Christian at some point has resolved to read the entire Bible. If we believe the Bible is the Word of God, it’s natural not to want to miss a word of it. Read article here.
3 Ways Christians Turn People Off
I came to God from a completely unchurched, non-Christian background. Ever since, I have been giving my life to helping other people come to know God. Read article here.
Five atheists who lost faith in atheism
Atheism is cool. At least, that's the popular perception of a worldview that's enjoyed a rebrand and a renaissance in the last couple of decades. Read article here.
For the sake of the gospel, drop the persecution complex
Did you hear about the pastor who was arrested for not marrying a same-sex couple? What about the publisher that got sued for refusing to censor anti-gay verses from the Bible? Read article here.
33 under 33
By the time Jesus reached the age of 33, his ministry was almost complete. Read article here.
Why I Go To Church Even When I Don’t Feel Like It
have the same memories as many evangelicals who grew up in church at the same time I did: felt-board Bible stories, Sunday school donuts, praise chorus lyrics on overhead projectors.
Article available
Recent Revelations about Reverends
I have been stunned by the recent revelations of a number of Christian leaders who have fallen because of moral failure. Read article here.
What Was Worship in the Early Church Like?
There are times when folks today are wearied by newness, by the next big thing. Read article here.
Miracles and the Healing of the World
I don’t want to be too hard on people who struggle with the idea of God’s intervention in the natural order. Miracles are hard to believe in, and they should be. Read article here.

* Views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those held by BPC or its members.