All new leaders must complete an AccessNI check.

Step by Step Guide

1. Download and print the Application Form for Leaders from PCI Taking Care

2. Complete all of page 1 & part of page 2 (stopping after 2nd Referee)

3. Go to

4. Click Apply for an AccessNI Check

5. Click on Apply online for an enhanced check through a registered body link

6. Click the big green button

7. Register for a new account using your e-mail address and creating a password – you will need these dates to track the progress of your case

8. Log in to your account

9. When prompted for a PIN code, enter 186591

10. In step 5 for Organisation Reference you should enter “Bloomfield Presbyterian”

11. In step 12 you will be provided with a case reference number, write this 10 digit AccessNI reference number in the Case Reference box at the top of page 3 of the printed application form.

12. Take the printed application form along with I.D. documents to the Taking Care Designated Person who will check your I.D. and complete the Interview, Session Decision and Identity Validation sections.

13. Your application form will then be posted to the PCI Taking Care Office and the online form will then be submitted by PCI to AccessNI.